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See Santa on Nov.18th

Thank you for Inquiring about the Santa Experience.  Are you tired of fighting the crowded malls and long lines just for your child to sit with Santa only for a brief moment?  This year...why not make an appointment with the Big Man himself for [Nov18th] and get the room all to yourself to enjoy the magic that he has to offer!  (NO LINES, NO CROWDS, NO DISTRACTIONS, NO STRESS)!



- This Event will be a live and fun interactive experience with Santa for

   your little ones up to age 10, because it's only for those who 

   truly believe in the Magic of Santa.  

- It's a photojournalist documentation of your child's interaction with

   Santa...not a posed photoshoot - (Maybe one or two).

- Help Santa decorate a tree, read a story, see if you're on the

   naughty or nice list...and more.

- Not a 30 second snapshot but up to 15 minutes of fun-

   filled interactions with Santa.


This year's holiday theme will be a "White Christmas".  Yes, you guessed it, primarily white decorations with earth tone accents.  And of course we can't forget the traditional Red and Green.  So come dress in holiday attire or matching theme outfits OR just come in your favorite pajamas...whatever you and your child are most comfortable in.


A. PRINT PACKAGE:  $350+tax

[One Image] -  (1) 11x14 Enlargement, (2) 8x10, (1) 5x7


[Up to 20 High Resolution & Web Resolution Digital Files]


C. COMBO PACKAGE:  $525+tax

[Package A & B Combined]

(Bonus:  free silver snowflake ornament)

 (Be sure you choose your time slot before they're all gone!)



Step 1.

 Click on Link Above:  "Schedule Your Time Slot Now"

Step 2.  Do not click on The Santa Experience...scroll down to select one of the packages that starts with "A", "B", or "C" that you would like and go through the purchasing process.

Step 3.  Once you get your Order Receipt, click on the link that says "Schedule" (Also note the Certificate Code)

Step 4.  The "Schedule" link will take you to where you can select your timeslot. The certificate code in Step 3 should automatically carry over.  If not, you can enter it or enter your email.  Then find the date Nov. 18th & select your time slot.


That's It...You're Done!  See you in November!


We will be at the beautiful Hotel Karlan San Diego in Rancho Penasquitos  


- Easy access to a private entrance directly from the parking lot (very close).

- Easy access to restrooms in the lobby adjacent to our event space.

- Location was specifically chosen to be away from crowds and other events.

ADDRESS:  14455 Penasquitos Dr.

                   San Diego, California, 92129

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