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This is My Family (Left to Right):


My son Thien, my wife Thu-Mai, and my daughter Vi-An. We are pretty much a 'down to earth' type of family…no thrills or frills…you get what you see, except for one small, tiny thing called Autism.  Since its appearance in our life, we’ve been engulfed and up to our ears in everything that is remotely associated with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Without speaking too much of it, Autism has grounded us…it has taught us that there is so much more to life than a nice car, a nice house, or anything money can buy. Autism has taught us to be more mindful, compassionate, respectful, and above all else…patient with others.  Our son has showed  us the “Inner Beauty” that we all possess. Even those who are struck with conditions that don’t allow for effective communication, have a glow inside that radiates in a different wavelength…you just need to look a little bit harder and a little bit deeper.  They don't necessarily have a disability, they just have different abilities!


- We celebrate the little things -