Shine Through

Let your

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and felt like a million dollars?  For most of us,  it's probably been a very long time or even never.  The problem isn't that you don't look or feel beautiful, it's the concept of how society defines that beauty.  You believe that if you're not thin enough, young enough, strong enough, or popular enough...that you somehow will never obtain true beauty. Forget what the commercialized world is saying...true beauty begins with full acceptance of who you are.  Your weight, height, strength or popularity has nothing to do with your true beauty!  It's your inner beauty that defines you. Believing in yourself is the key to true beauty, which leads to feeling uninhibited and makes you feel good inside and out.  What happens when you 'feel' good?  You will also feel beautiful and alive...that is True Beauty.  


Don't hide behind your camera.  Turn it around so you can exist in photographs along with our children, family and friends. It doesn't matter if you need to lose that extra 10 pounds.  What's really important is that your children will look back at those images one day and will see themselves next to the people they love the most.  Be in pictures, have those images printed, and pass down a lifetime of memories (both joyous moments and times of sorrow), because the only legacy you need to preserve is you and your family's legacy.


PortrArt Creations invite you to let your Inner Beauty shine!

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